Real Life Sunbay – Version 0.4.1

Mike got kicked out of college. Keeping it secret from his parents, he goes to his relatives in Sunbay City to start over.
How this story goes, it’s up to you.
You can spend your time working as a postman or courier to make enough money to start relationships with girls or grab the gun and try to take what you need from Sunbay City.
Or use some other dirty tricks to make the girls do whatever you need.‚Äč


[added] Transition between the sex poses with Madison

[fixed] Pause menu in the sex scenes

[fixed] House exit after sex with Sumiko

[fixed] Other small fixes

2 thoughts on “Real Life Sunbay – Version 0.4.1

  1. this version is fully bullshit, Mousemovements are like C64 games on a pentium 486, to fast, not smooth enough.
    the Tech demo only allows fucking kiki, short talk to her Friend, grab a Bottle

  2. What are you talking about?
    Where did you find your mousemovements are like C64?
    This game is going to be great!
    Throw you old pentium 486 to trash xD

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